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Haktrans Logistics
We have been using Nautilus since we started Haktrans way back in 2006. It was a very humble beginning for us, so we opted for the entry level version  more...

Uniworld Shipping
Prior to using Nautilus 5.0 Version, we had used Bitstream and AFSYS but we were not really happy with the results. While using Bitstream, we were doing half the more...

Al Kaser Shipping
We have been using Nautilus from 2006. Before we were using Peach Tree. When we wanted to buy a good software we had looked at 10 Freight Forwarding softwares, but nobody was able to understand our  more...

Autotrans Shipping (Transport Division)

In 2007 we changed to Flairsoft’s Nautilus 6.0 Transport Management Solution. Previously we were using a software which did not have zooming facility from the reports. If we needed to check a more...

Nautilus Freight Management Version Comparison

General Features Operations Features Warehousing Module [Optional]
Financial Features Multicurrency Module [Optional] Payroll Module [Optional]
Download Version Comparison Sheet
Operations FeaturesNautilus 5.0Nautilus 6.0Notes
Job Card Expense/Revenue Opening Balance *YesYes* While starting the software
Air/Sea/Service/Trucking Job CardYesYes 
User definable Job Type Job Cards can be createdYesYes 
Master Job Card PrintingYesYes 
Sub-Job Card PrintingYesYes 
Import Shipment Delivery TrackingYesYes 
Cargo Arrival Notice [Air Import]YesYes 
Cargo Arrival Notice [Sea Import]YesYes 
Customs Export Declaration PrintYesYes 
Customs Exit/Entry PrintYesYes 
HBL Print [Pre-printed stationary]YesYes 
HBL Print [Plain Paper]YesYes 
Multiple HBLS print settingsYesYes 
MBL Details printYesYes 
HAWB Print [Pre-printed stationary]YesYes 
HAWB Print [Plain Paper]YesYes 
IATA HAWB PrintYesYes 
Neutral MAWB PrintYesYes 
Export/Transhipment Loading ConfirmationYes *Yes*Air/Sea Export Loading Cnfrmn
Destination Agent Pre-AlertYesYes 
Export ManifestYesYes 
Download Origin Agent Mnfst in softwareNoYes 
Upload Import Manifest to DPA websiteNoYes 
D.O Cash/Cheque collection reportsYesYes 
D.O Picked/Unpicked reportsNoYes 
Origin Agent Wise Picked/Unpicked D.O'sNoYes 
Import Manifest printNoYes 
Transhipment Job CardNoYes 
Transhipment Co-Load MBL DetailsNoYes 
Transhipment Origin Agent Pre-AlertNoYes 
Transhipment D.O printNoYes 
Quotation Print [All Job Types]YesYes 
Operations User Defined Print SettingsYesYes 
Duty Deposit YesYes 
Refund ClaimYesYes 
Customs Deposit system alertsYesYes 
Sea/Air Buying RatesYesYes 
Invoice print validationsYesYes 
Cost Sheet PrintYesYes 
Shpr/Cnee/Notify MasterYesYes 
Import/Export Code MasterYesYes 
Airport MasterYesYes 
Airline MasterYesYes 
Airline Agent MasterYesYes 
Seaport MasterYesYes 
Shipping Line MasterYesYes 
Liner Agent MasterYesYes 
Vessel MasterYesYes 
Equipment MasterYesYes 
Job Type MasterYesYes 
HBL Type MasterYesYes 
Commodity MasterYesYes 
Package MasterYesYes 
Sector MasterYesYes 
Voyage MasterYesYes 
Transporter MasterYesYes 
Broker MasterYesYes 
Cost SheetYesYes 
Job Register [All Job Type]YesYes 
Job Regsiter [Job Type Wise]YesYes 
Filtering in ReportsYesYes 
User Definable Ops ReportNoYes 
Job Locking after InvoicingYesYes 
Export BookingsNoYes 
Local/Transhipment BookingsNoYes 
Booking Confirmation printNoYes 
Booking SummaryNoYes 
Booking DetailedNoYes 
Load List Vessel/Voyage WiseNoYes 
Load List Shipping Agent WiseNoYes 
Load List POD WiseNoYes 
Load List Trade Code WiseNoYes 
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