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Haktrans Logistics
We have been using Nautilus since we started Haktrans way back in 2006. It was a very humble beginning for us, so we opted for the entry level version  more...

Uniworld Shipping
Prior to using Nautilus 5.0 Version, we had used Bitstream and AFSYS but we were not really happy with the results. While using Bitstream, we were doing half the more...

Al Kaser Shipping
We have been using Nautilus from 2006. Before we were using Peach Tree. When we wanted to buy a good software we had looked at 10 Freight Forwarding softwares, but nobody was able to understand our  more...

Autotrans Shipping (Transport Division)

In 2007 we changed to Flairsoft’s Nautilus 6.0 Transport Management Solution. Previously we were using a software which did not have zooming facility from the reports. If we needed to check a more...

Nautilus Freight Management Version Comparison

General Features Operations Features Warehousing Module [Optional]
Financial Features Multicurrency Module [Optional] Payroll Module [Optional]
Download Version Comparison Sheet
Financial FeaturesNautilus 5.0Nautilus 6.0Notes
User definable Fiscal YearYesYes 
Month InactiveYesYes 
Month ClosingYesYes 
System generated Year ClosingYesYes* Manual Year Closing through JV
Cost Centre Management & ReportsYesYes 
Voucher Saving Pending/Post ModesYesYes* On saving, posts directly in the Ledger
Batch PostingYesYes 
Batch UnpostingYes *Yes ** Only Admin has the rights
Voucher Editing after SavingNo *No ** Only Admin has the rights
Voucher Deleting after PostingNo *No ** Only Admin has the rights
Can view Deleted VouchersYes *Yes ** Data and document is not deleted from database
Voucher Deletion NoteYes *Yes ** Without Deletion Note, voucher cannot be deleted
Voucher Date Locking *YesYes* To prevent back dated entries
Customer Credit Limit ControlYesYes 
Customer Tolerance Limit ControlYesYes 
Customer Receipt Mode ControlYesYes 
Specific Job Type Invoice printsYesYes 
Job Account & Amounts editing in Job InvoiceNo *No ** Job Accounts and Amounts flow from Job Card
Receipt Voucher PrintYesYes 
Bank Payment Voucher PrintYesYes 
Petty Cash Payment Voucher PrintYesYes 
Bill Wise Allocation in Receipt & PaymentYesYes 
Credit Purchase PrintYesYes 
General Invoice PrintYesYes 
General Receipt PrintYesYes 
Journal Voucher PrintYesYes 
Multipurpose Journal VoucherYesYes 
Credit Note Voucher PrintYesYes 
Debit Note Voucher PrintYesYes 
Bank Deposit VoucherYesYes 
PDC Issued Maturity VoucherYesYes 
Cheque Return VoucherYesYes 
Opening BalanceYesYes 
PDC's Opening BalanceYesYes 
Allocation of On Account Amounts Recvd/PaidYesYes 
Bank ReconciliationYesYes 
Bank Reconciled StatementYesYes 
PDC Recvd/Paid System AlertsYesYes 
Cash BookYesYes 
Bank BookYesYes 
Receipt RegisterYesYes 
Payment RegisterYesYes 
Job Sales RegisterYesYes 
Job Purchase RegisterYesYes 
Transaction Listing [Day Book]YesYes 
Account Group Wise LedgersYesYes 
Drill Down from Ledger and OutstandingsYesYes 
Customer Outstandings with PDCYesYes 
Ageing AnalysisYesYes 
Trial Balance Levels33 
Customizable Profit & LossYesYes 
Customizable Balance SheetYesYes 
Jobs In Process ReportYesYes 
Job LedgerYesYes 
Job AnalysisYesYes 
Job wise Profit/LossYesYes 
Job Account ProfitabilityYesYes 
Import/Export Consol ProfitabilityYesYes 
Monthly All Job ProfitabilityYesYes 
Monthly each Job Type ProfitabilityYesYes 
Monthly each Shipment Type ProfitabilityYesYes 
Monthly Sector wise ProfitabilityYesYes 
Monthly Shipper/Consignee wise ProfitabilityYesYes 
Monthly Shipping Line wise ProfitabilityYesYes 
Monthly Origin/Destn Agent wise ProfitabilityYesYes 
Monthly Sales Person wise ProfitabilityYesYes 
Monthly Customer wise ProfitabilityYesYes 
Comprehensive Job Analysis [Estimated/Actual]YesYes 
Comprehensive Customer Analysis [Estd/Actual]YesYes 
Comprehensive SP Analysis [Estimated/Actual]YesYes 
Job Ledger Page Wise printYesYes 
Job Analysis Page Wise printYesYes 
Consol Job Page Wise printYesYes 
Jobs In Process [Open Jobs] ReportYesYes 
Job ClosingYesYes 
Closed Jobs ReportYesYes 
New Features Added in 2012……   
Cheque/Cash Requistion Note [QRN] for JobYesYes 
Can issue/print cheques from QRNYesYes 
Can issue/print 'Not Above Cheques'YesYes 
Tracking of Cheques IssuedYesYes 
Cheques Issued tagged with Payment voucherYesYes 
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